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An introduction to Cycle to Work

The Government’s Cycle to Work initiative enables you to help your employees make savings of up to 42% on a brand new bike and safety accessories for cycling to work.*

Why run a Cycle to Work scheme

  • The fastest growing and most sought after employee benefit in the UK
  • Free scheme implementation for employers - there are no catches or hidden costs for you or your employees.
  • Easy to implement and manage - offers a highly valued benefit to employees

Benefits to organisations

  • Enhances an employee benefit package
  • Savings on National Insurance Contributions
  • Improves the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Eases parking and congestion problems
  • Reduces organisational carbon footprint

Benefits to employees

  • Savings of up to 42% on a new bike and accessories*
  • Regular exercise to keep fit and healthy
  • Reduces commuting costs
  • Helps beat congestion
  • Helps minimise carbon footprint

*Savings as a result of Tax and National Insurance benefits when an employee hires a bike and safety accessories through the cycle2work scheme. Savings dependent upon circumstances of the employer and those of the employee. 42% saving can be made when any LoC is selected assuming the employer funds the scheme. Assumes 40% Tax Rate and 2% NIC Rate. Products on Halfords.com not sold and sent by Halfords are excluded from Cycle2Work

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