Halfords has the biggest range of cycle accessories in the UK. From helmets to locks, pumps to clothing, lighting to parts, we have over 1,200 cycle accessories for you to choose from in-store. If we don't have what you're looking for in-store, we can order it for you.


It's worth spending money on a decent lock as lock strength can vary enormously. It's advisable to spend at least 15% of the cost of the bike on a lock - and using two different types of lock will help to deter thieves. For maximum security use more than one lock to secure your bike.


You don't need to overload yourself with accessories when you first take your new bike out, but a pump and a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit is advisable. Keep a track pump at home for quick and easy inflation.


Halfords advises wearing a helmet for your safety at all times. If you buy a helmet, make sure it's the right size, properly fitted and comfortable. A poorly fitted helmet will be less effective and can actually make injuries worse in certain conditions. Halfords in-store specialists will be able to advise you on helmet fit.


You'll need a white front light and a red rear light if you're going to ride your bike in the dark. You can use flashing or steady lights: a steady light is recommended at the front when the cycle is used in areas without good street lighting. LEDs are the most popular type of light and usually run on AA batteries.

Mudguards,racks and luggage

Mudguards are a good idea for rainy weather. Clip-on mudguards can be useful if you don't have enough space between wheels and frame or you don't wish to attach full mudguards to your bike, but they don't provide as much protection from mud as full guards.

If you wish to use panniers, you'll also need clearance for a front or rear rack. Halfords also have a range of luggage - such as pannier bags and messenger bags - which are designed especially for commuting to work, with features such as padded compartments and dry liners to keep your laptop protected.


Be safe, be seen! Bright or reflective clothing is a great way to be seen. Halfords sells reflective jackets and gloves, rolls of reflective tape and reflective snap wraps. It's also a good idea to buy a waterproof jacket - a material like Gortex will keep you warm and dry while being breathable.


Cycling gloves have padded palms to stop your hands hurting and are a good idea all year round. They also protect your palms in the event of a fall. They are usually sold as winter gloves, which are thicker for warmth, and mitts or fingerless gloves for use in the summer.

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What To Wear

With a wide range of bike clothing, Halfords has everything for your cycling needs - from waterproof jackets to summer shorts.

The best way to regulate your temperature in the sunshine and keep out the chill of windy and wet conditions is to have several layers of clothing that can be removed or added as needed. Wear a long or short-sleeved cycling jersey, as an underlayer - from brands like Bicycle Line, Polaris and Outdoor Unlimited. A Polaris Waterproof Jacket provides protection in wet and windy weather - ideal in the winter months.

Make sure you're safe on the roads by wearing a high-visiblity jacket or vest or a reflective safety harness over your clothing.

Halfords offers a variety of legwear - from light, baggy summer shorts to Outdoor Unlimited's fully waterproof trousers. For comfort on the saddle during long rides, wear Polaris Boxers, available for men and women, or Polaris Baggy Freeride Shorts for shorter trips.

The Sixsixone range provides bike gloves to protect your hands in all conditions. It's also vital you have the correct shoes to grip the pedals or to clip into them.

Choose the right combination of clothing and accessories and you'll be comfortable on your bike in all conditions.

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