Halfords brands

The biggest range with ALL the best brands

Unlike other Cycle to Work schemes, Halfords has unique access to ALL the UK’s top bike brands. We can supply your employees with any bike they ask for^.

There are 3 ways:

1. Exclusive Halfords brands

2. Other store sourced brands

3. Nationwide Independent Bike Shop Network

Our highly trained in-store specialists will help you find the right bike for you, with something to suit all budgets. Whatever Halfords brand you choose, you'll get a Free Build* and 6 Week First Service, as well as the UK’s lowest price guarantee.

1. Exclusive Halfords brands

As part of our huge range, Halfords has access to a great range of exclusive brands. These brands offer outstanding value for money with huge savings on like for like specification from other leading brands.These include:


The UK's number 1 bike brand, Apollo offers excellent value for money with outstanding bikes for recreational use. The adult Apollo bike range provides a blend of great colours, graphics, style and a variety of options across the mountain bike and hybrid models, which will inspire you to ride. Each model is available for purchase in various frame size options to ensure the bike fits perfectly and every bike has been developed to give greater frame geometry for a comfortable ride, with a specifically designed women's bike collection.

The new range of Apollo bikes are perfect for the recreational rider who wants more in terms of specification, quality and style from a bike. To view the bikes click here.


From mountain, road and performance hybrid bikes, there is something in the range for everyone - no matter what kind of bike you ride or which level you are at - we've kept your cycling experience at the forefront of our minds, it's our one true passion.

A fundamental part of our philosophy is to provide you with the best riding experience each and every time you go out on your bike - whatever level you ride at. Therefore our range is continuously put through its paces by some of the very best riders in the world. We've continued to build upon our success and developed, fine tuned and extended the offer to include highly developed carbon fibre frames and superior alloy frames. Each and every frame is finished with the highest level of components. To view the bikes click here.


Discover the exciting new range of Carrera bikes, available exclusively from Halfords.

Each Carrera bike in the 2011 collection features beautiful design, delivering a performance that goes way beyond the price.

The Carrera vision has now been taken to the next level with a complete design overhaul, including a revamped look, fresh models and new frames for an even better ride. Whether tarmac or trail, urban or mountain, Carrera can deliver a bike to suit your needs at unbeatable value. To view the bikes click here.

Real Classic

Until now cycle chic has come at a premium. Available exclusively from Halfords the Real Classic cycle range offers unrivalled value for money.

As cities including London invest in bicycle friendly facilities and urban cycling gathers pace, so cycle chic has become a key style trend. The ultimate eco friendly fashion accessory, celebrities including Wayne Hemingway, Fearne Cotton, Lily Allen and Jon Snow have all been spotted riding a bicycle.

Perfectly blending style and comfort, the range uses simple, hasslefree internal gears, traditional sprung saddles, mudguards and chainguards. To view the bikes click here.


Trax bikes are designed with intention of bringing you inexpensive, well made bikes for those with a budget. Trax bikes are great value and include all the features needed for day to day riding. To view the bikes click here.


Born in California in 1994, VooDoo Cycles was created by a group of bicycle fanatics with a passion for real bikes and an eye for detail. They fuse awesome frameset design with first-class specifications to create an edgy look and a rugged ride at a fantastic price.

VooDoo bicycles have been designed by MTB Hall of Fame legend Joe Murray, a mountain biking pioneer and five-time champion of the Rockhopper Race. Joe puts the VooDoo bikes through their paces in the world's largest Ponderosa pine forest in Flagstaff, Arizona. To view the bikes click here.


When the craving for adventure and high technology meet, new proposals are born, destined to become legends. Whistles’ claim starts here: a passion without barriers, where freedom reaches out into the territory of advanced engineering research.

Excellent materials and exclusive design to obtain highest performance and maximum reliability.

This is how Whistle is faithful to its origins and its history, which runs down the Colorado river, making it inviting to reach new sensations and new targets.

Allowing oneself to conquer the fascination of wild nature, to be lived together with BORN FOR RUNNING bicycles.

To view the bikes click here.


2. Other store sourced brands

If the brand below is not already stocked in your employee’s local store, it can be ordered using our store ordering service.


All City’s goal is to make a significant contribution to the equipment and culture of urban cycling. This is not a cash in, this is not a fad, this is their life, their love, their community and their dream. All City are a company of riders making products for other riders. They share a lifelong passion for the machines, the people who ride them, and the positive changes both can effect in this world. To view the bikes click here.


Whether you are taking in some trails, riding to work or just beating around town Barrosa have something here to serve you well. Designed to the highest safety standards and with a high end look, Barrosa bikes offer a no nonsense specification using components from benchmark brands.

Keeping a happy, healthy lifestyle needn't cost the earth and with a Barrosa bike you can help look after yourself and the environment as well as your pocket. To view the bikes click here.


Competition is always in the Cinelli’s DNA. Its handlebars are chosen by Champions such as Lemond, Fignon, Hinault and Chiappucci, without forgetting Lance Armstrong and Mario Cipollini and also Di Luca, Freire and Simoni.

Cinelli’s Rampichino (1985) introduce MTB in Italy, Cork Ribbon (1987) reinvents the bicycle ribbon, Spinaci extensions (1996) are used by over 800000 cyclists, Bootleg (2000) challenges the rules and reinvents the concept of street cycling, Ram (2002) revolutions the handlebars.

These are the roots of Cinelli, this is its present: today Cinelli is mentioned in the Dictionary of Italian Design (Rizzoli, 1999), in the ADI Design Index (2000-2001), and the Corriere della Sera newspaper calls it a cult object in the USA like Ferrari, Vespa, Lavazza or Fornasetti (9th January 1999). To view the bikes click here.


Civia creates transportation for everyone. They make simple, elegant bikes and products that take you to work, to school, the grocer—anywhere you need to go. Whether you’re commuting hours a day or just pedaling a few blocks to the train station, their bikes and system of components, accessories and clothing keep you and your stuff on the move. Civia see bikes as a vital link in the future of alternative transportation. They believe life’s better by bike and strive to make your daily transportation choices a lot more pleasant and sustainable. That’s why it is their mission to create products that inspire you to leave the car keys at home—and ride your bike. To view the bikes click here.


Economic pressures, environmental pressures, life pressures. What’s a person to do? Dahon makes bikes that fit into your life and help you take charge of your weekly gas bill, of your workouts, and of your carbon foot print.

With over 25 years of experience in making folding bikes, Dahon has a proven record of bringing the best in folding bike technology to the market. Go ahead, check them out and see how their bikes can help you make a change for the better. To view the bikes click here.


The Dawes bicycle brand offers you the unique blend of British heritage and outstanding performance.

By 1926 Dawes Cycles Limited had been formed in its own right and the business hasn’t looked back since. The Dawes factory made bikes for the armed services during the war and has supported a whole host of British racing cyclists over the years both on and off-road.

The quality of many of their production models has allowed them to become benchmark products such as the Galaxy tourer and Kingpin folder.

Dawes concentrate their efforts on giving their customers the reassurance that their bicycle will give them great service and unbeatable value, a testament that is borne out by a host of independent magazine reviews. To view the bikes click here.


Diamondback is a US brand with a strong heritage in developing market leading new technology and competition race bikes since 1978. Today, Diamondback bikes are still collecting National and World championship titles as well as Olympic and X games medals.

Diamondback have always had a massive commitment to supporting grass roots riders and helping them step up to a higher level. In 2011 Clinton Johns is a rider they hope will move up in the World of Dirt and be competing alongside the likes of Sam Pilgrim in the near future. To view the bikes click here.


DMR is owned and run by people that have a passion for biking and design. They have grown over the last 10 years from a single product to around 100 covering a wide range of riding styles. But they still focus on the hardcore riders that push things forward through more progressive riding -pushing themselves & their bikes to new limits - it's through these more demanding riders that innovation in new product occurs & has its purpose. As a result, their products tend to be simple & strong without any gimmicks.

This straight forward approach of Design Make Ride sums up what they do. To view the bikes click here.


The Eddy Merckx Company was established 30 years ago with a mission to produce the finest cycles in the world, and that goal hasn’t changed a bit. They have a new range of cycles including both carbon fiber and aluminum frames - and it’s their stated aim to get more people to enjoy the thrill of riding an original Eddy Merckx cycle.

Of course, Eddy is still at the heart of the company, and his eye for detail and quality strives each of us to yet higher standards. To view the bikes click here.


Think of these bikes as vehicles for discovery. If you let them, they will transport you to places beyond your average spin down the road. Even if your mission is nothing more than riding to a friend's house or stopping by the corner cafe to grab a latte, Electra bicycles fill the experience with memorable moments that really define you because they design their bikes as extensions of your imagination, style and sense of adventure.

Whether you ride for fitness, fun, convenience, conservation or recreation, the Electra experience is offered in an assortment of flavors to suit your style. Experience the Electra way to roll. To view the bikes click here.


Identiti were one of the first companies in the World to offer complete bikes in the emerging Dual Slalom market back in 1998. At first, Identiti bikes were a compilation of products from connections that the parent company, Ison Distribution were handling. Identiti learnt a lot from the riders and the sport, and heavily supported the emerging events in the UK

Having listened carefully to the market, in 2000, Identiti released their own designed and developed frame: the Dr Jekyll. The Dr Jekyll has become one of THE best selling competition use Dual frames in the UK, and is highly respected in the market despite it's humble price. To view the bikes click here.


Jango Bikes - Simplicity in movement, a completely user friendly, integrated design. Ride, travel, commute – it’s all so easy – expand your horizons with a versatile folding Jango Bike.

Jango introduces a new idea in Multi-Mobility, a folding bike which uses a complete system of integrated equipment. The Jango Flik folding bike is simple to use and easy to understand - no complicated technical knowledge is required. The Jango Flik folds in just 4 seconds in two easy steps providing a compact profile when storing at home, office or travelling on public transport. All Jango Bikes feature a high level of standard equipment with the added benefit of an additional range of accessories developed and produced exclusively by Topeak. To view the bikes click here.


Welcome to Kansi, the new folding bike brand designed in the UK by people who love to ride, for people who love to ride. Kansi know what is important, they want bikes that ride well, fit into our lifestyles and reflect our personalities.

When they were designing their first bike, they quickly realised that to have a bike that is perfect for you, it needs to be specialised for your ride. So their first bike turned into 3 bikes, each perfect for different styles of riding. To view the bikes click here.


Karlsruhe (KHE) is a city with 300.000 inhabitants and a lot of history. In 1817 the first bicycle was invented by "Freiherr von Drais" and it was called the "Draisine".

For almost twenty years now, KHE have been producing BMX parts and complete bikes. They put all their effort in the design and technology of their products to enhance the possibilities for the riders. To view the bikes click here.


Kinesis have been designing frames in the UK for over ten years and the ‘Kinesis UK’ name has come to stand for quality, detailing, affordability and above all superb ride quality and fit.

The entire range now has a sharp new look. Fully built bikes are available in the Crosslight and Racelight ranges. To view the bikes click here.


At Kona, we're all about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. We have been since 1988. We still have the same founding owners. We're still populated by a staff of keen, active, impassioned cyclists. We're not big, nor are we that small. Just a dedicated group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes-no matter if that love is new or long established.

To view the bikes click here.


Carrying through Land Rover brand values their new range of bikes feature sleek aerodynamic aesthetics, up to the minute - top end components and production excellence that rivals the best in the industry.

Naturally, this leading 4x4 manufacturer offers mountain bikes to suit the novice through to the enthusiast ride, but they also provide commuters, town & country bikes and folding bikes to suit all riding styles. To view the bikes click here.


The Light Blue Bicycle began its life way back in 1895, when John Albert Townsend produced hand built bicycles for the wealthy members of Cambridge University. These custom made machines were produced in a converted dairy in Norfolk Street, Cambridge at a rate of around six per week. The Light Blue name was taken from the University colours, but in those days all the bicycles were painted black. To view the bikes click here.


Dr Alex Moulton pioneered the small-wheeled bicycle revolution nearly 50 years ago. All of today's small wheeled cycles owe a debt of gratitude to the original Moulton 'F' frame design which not only introduced and proved the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels, but also, right from launch in 1962, have utilised front and rear suspension systems for improved comfort and performance. The Moulton bicycle has been developed and refined constantly ever since and is held in high regard throughout the world. To view the bikes click here.


NS is a company dedicated to making highly specialised products for a narrow group of customers. That means that they doubt whether NS will ever be the choice of the “Hey, I want to buy a mountain bike because it’s cool” customer. The beginner rider probably won't appreciate the details that make our products special either. And it means that you can be pretty sure that if you meet someone on an NS, they will speak the same language as you do, no matter what country they come from. To view the bikes click here.


Pashley Cycles is England's longest established bicycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 and based in Stratford-upon-Avon, their dedicated team design and hand-build a unique range of specialist bicycles and tricycles.

From their flagship traditional Princess and Roadster models to the exclusive Guv'nor Path Racer, every one of their bicycles is built to exacting standards. The range includes classic and contemporary commuter bikes as well as retro beach cruisers. Adult tricycles provide stability and pleasure on three wheels, with a range of trikes for those with special needs. To view the bikes click here.


For over 120 years, Raleigh has been creating market-leading bikes in Nottingham.

Today, their product development engineers and graphic designers ensure that the innovation continues and every Raleigh bike has a special level of quality and attention to detail.

The functionality of every bike is important at Raleigh; it must be "fit for purpose" and reliable. To achieve this, high quality materials and components are used throughout. To view the bikes click here.


Where fashion meets function. SE Bikes provide a simple approach to cycling, ditch the gears and ride single speed.

The range features flip-flop hubs, high profile rims and cool anodized finishes. To view the bikes click here.


Tifosi’s much acclaimed build quality and design, combined with market beating prices have established an enviable reputation for value.

The 2011 bike range complements current components, bike bags and wheels. To view the bikes click here.


First established in 1908 the Viking brand has a history, rich in the tradition of top quality road bikes and throughout the century Viking has been synonymous with success. Proven quality, style and durability have always been the trademark standard of this brand. Today’s Viking has all these qualities and more, the range now encompasses a much bigger selection of types of bike to suit the ever increasing demands of changing lifestyles. Using all the technical developments of today’s manufacturing and lightweight Aluminium, the new Viking bikes are ready to face the next hundred years.

To view the bikes click here.


3. Nationwide Independent Bike Shop Network

If your employees can’t find what they’re looking for and they want a different brand, we can source it for them. We partner with an extensive national network of over 400 of the very best Independent Bike Shops enabling us to access ALL of the UK’s top bike brands^. We can easily add to our Partner Store Network at your request, before your scheme launches.

If you are an employee and you would like to choose an additional brand, call our cycle2work Special Order Helpdesk on 0345 504 6444 and one of our team will help you with your enquiry.


*All bikes excluding trax are built and inspected free, plus given a six week first service/safety check, consisting of checks and adjustments to ensure your bike is performing optimally - normal build for non Halfords bikes is £19.99, current first service/safety check is £14.99. Trax build prices - £9.99 for 12"-16" wheels and £19.99 for 18" wheels plus bikes. ^Including brands not normally stocked by Halfords via our Nationwide Partner Independent bike shop network. Excludes brands that do not comply with relevant standards and retailer own brands. Products on Halfords.com not sold and sent by Halfords are excluded from Cycle2Work