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Whether you're new to cycling or an experienced cyclist, let us show you the range and styles of bikes and accessories available through your Halfords cycle2work scheme.

You should consider the type of route your journey involves when selecting your bike. Choose a bike that meets your commuting and leisure needs. The type of bike you choose may be based on budget, route or brand.

Our range offers exceptional value for money. It's generally accepted that a better quality frame and components (gears, brakes, wheels) will make the bike will last longer.

So think about how many miles you intend to cover, as moving parts may require some servicing, or even replacement, the more you use your bike.

Consider all weather conditions and seasons - for example lights, waterproof clothing and reflective gear - to make you comfortable and more visible when out on your bike. These can all be selected through the scheme.

Halfords recommends that safety should be your priority, so make sure you wear a helmet! We stock many different brands, styles and types of helmets - ensure the one you choose fits correctly.

This area of the site is designed to give you as much help as possible in choosing the right bike.

Start off by viewing our cycle2work bike range - it will help you choose the right type and style of bike and it is loaded with a fantastic selection of bikes suitable for commuting. If you can't find what you`re looking for here, don't forget to look on or go in-store and take a look around.

Top reasons to get cycling...

  • Regular exercise is great for fitness, de-stressing, improving your mood and keeping you healthy. Cycle to work and arrive more alert, with higher energy levels
  • Beat the traffic and the rush-hour - get to work on time and forget the parking worries
  • Save money on bus/train/underground fares and on soaring fuel prices
  • Be kind to the environment - cycling reduces congestion, pollution and reduces your carbon footprint - do your bit to support sustainable transport!

Follow these links for advice on a new bike:

1. See our great range of commuter bikes

2. Which bike - road, mountain, town & trail, folding or electric

3. Choosing the right brand - we have 100's to choose from

4. What size should I get?

5. Accessories and clothing

6. How do I service and maintain my bike?

7. How to keep your bike secure

8. Safety and cycle training

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