Keep your bike secure

It's important to secure your bike when you leave it unattended, so make sure you choose the correct type of locks.

Step 1 - Lock your bike

Always lock up your bike, especially when you're at home, and at night. Try to keep it out of view by putting it in your garage, keeping it indoors, or locking it in your back garden. Cable locks or Shackle locks offer the best security.

It's worth spending money on a decent lock as lock strength can vary enormously. It's advisable to spend at least 15% of the cost of the bike on a lock - and using two different types of lock will help to deter thieves. For maximum security use more than one lock to secure your bike.

Step 2 - Lock to secure point

When locking your bike to an object, analyse the object first. Make sure you are locking your bike to a fixed object like a lamppost or bike rack. Avoid anything that's easily cut or too short to stop a thief lifting the bike over it.

Step 3 - Lock in a well-lit area

Lock your bike in a well-lit area with a lot of foot traffic - thieves will be less likely to attempt to steal it.

Step 4 - Lock with other bikes

Lock your bike where there are other bikes locked - the chances of your bike being the least secure is unlikely.

Step 5 - Secure accessories

Secure all bike accessories with a second bike cable, including any quick release mechanisms you may have.

Step 6 - Do not lock the bike to itself

Do not simply lock the bike to itself (frame to wheel), this can easily be carried away and the lock destroyed later.

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