Choosing the right size bike

Choosing the right size bike

We're all different shapes and sizes and we all want to do different types of cycling, so it`s important that we choose the right bikes for our needs.

To make sure you get the right size of bike we recommend you visit your nearest Halfords store. One of our in-store specialists will help you choose the right size.

How important is the size?

If your bike is too big or too small, it's more difficult to control, increasing the risk of accidents and injury to you and others. It's important to ensure the size is right for you.

Measure yourself

You first need to measure the length of your inside leg.

Measure the bike frame size

Check out the frame size of the bike. At Halfords, we measure the frame size from the top of the seat tube to the bottom bracket. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers measure their bikes like this. Some measure from where the top tube meets the seat tube down to the bottom bracket. This can cause some confusion, but if you ask a member of the Halfords team at your local store, they will be able to help you find the perfect size bike for you.

No obligation

You are welcome to try out our bikes in-store, without any obligation to buy. Our in-store specialists are on hand to give you all the help and advice you need.

Look-up table

Use the table below to guide you in finding the right size bike for your leg length.

Mountain Bike (26" wheel)

Inside leg measurement Frame size for Men's bikes Frame size for Women's bikes
68 - 76 cm 16" - 17" 14" - 15"
76 - 84 cm 18" - 20" 16" - 17"
84 - 94 cm 20" + 17"

Road / Town and Trail Bike (700c wheel)

Inside leg measurement Frame size for Men`s bikes Frame size for Women`s bikes
68 - 76 cm 46 - 50 cm 44 - 46 cm
76 - 84 cm 53 - 55 cm 50 - 53 cm
84 - 94 cm 56 - 59 cm 55 - 58 cm

Please note: Bikes with a suspension seat post effectively add 2 – 3” to the frame size. For this reason you should choose a smaller frame size to avoid an oversized bike.

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