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Whether you're a beginner, intermediate cyclist or enthusiast, Halfords has a top range of bikes suitable for every taste, budget and style of riding. Our in-store specialists will help you find the right bike.

You can choose anything from £100 to £1,000 on a brand new bike and safety accessories. This can work out to be as little as £5 per month!

Halfords offer some top brands, but we also have a bike to suit every level of ability and budget.

Before you choose a bike, think about what you will be using it for.

Choosing your bike

We have the biggest range of bikes and accessories in the UK. You'll be sure to find the perfect tax-free bike.

There are five main types of bikes:

  1. Town and Trail bikes
  2. Road bikes
  3. Mountain bikes
  4. Folding bikes
  5. Electric bikes

Town and Trail bikes

These are sometimes called hybrids because they fall somewhere between mountain bikes and road bikes - combining the best qualities of strength, speed and gearing. The handlebars are flat and the seating position upright, making it easy to carry a rucksack and maintain a good view of the road. They are solid everyday bikes, and are particularly suitable for cycling to work.

Multi-purpose tyres make them suitable for a wide variety of terrains. They are great for commuting in traffic and for recreational use, such as riding trails and cycle paths. They also allow you to attach urban accessories, such as mudguards, racks or locks, which are not normally found on a racing bike.

Road bikes

These are designed for speed and distance on roads. The lower riding position is more aerodynamic, and the lighter weight components and low-profile tyres enable you to ride faster and more efficiently on the road than you would on a mountain bike.

They have drop-handlebars, offering a range of holding positions, each enabling a different posture on the bike. This optimises comfort, control and aerodynamics for varying gradients and speeds. These bikes are more than suitable for commuting.

Mountain bikes

These bikes will have a fairly up right riding position to give the rider better vision and balance their weight evenly over the wheels.

Mountain bikes can be split into two main groups:

Hard tail mountain bikes and full suspension mountain bikes.

Hard tail mountain bikes

Hard tail bikes have a rigid frame and most commonly, suspension forks at the front. The suspension increases control and comfort whilst riding over rough terrain. Many have a lockout feature making them suitable for commuting on the road as well.

Full suspension mountain bikes

These bikes have suspension at the front and at the rear. The rear suspension is built into the frame design and is available with varying amounts of travel (travel is a term referring to the distance the suspension moves).
With longer suspension travel, the bike absorbs more impact, saving stresses and strains on the rider's arms and legs. Longer travel bikes tend to be heavier, making them harder to pedal uphill.

Full suspension bikes are available with varying amounts of travel.

Full suspension bikes are ideal for rocky trails and downhill cycling. Some have suspension lockouts making them suitable for on road riding as well.

Folding bikes

Small wheels and folding frames make these bikes both agile when riding, yet portable enough to be taken on trains, buses, and even stored under your desk at work. The folding bike is a perfect solution to getting around quickly.

They are equally at home in the city or the country. You can use them for commuting during the week, as well as camping and caravanning on holiday.

Electric bikes

The obvious benefit of riding an electric bike over a conventional bike is the assistance that the electric motor gives you. The basic principle is that when you pedal, the electric motor kicks in and does some of the work. Pedalling an electric bike is easier! In particular, riding uphill and carrying loads, such as shopping, takes much less effort.

People with disabilities, the elderly and those returning to exercise will find the assistance offered by an electric bike highly beneficial.

Electric bikes also offer an ideal commuting solution. They represent clean, green transport that will get you to work quicker than a normal bike and without arriving sweaty and flustered. Depending on the length of your commute, you may get there and back on a single charge. If not, you can buy a charger to leave at work and charge the battery when you arrive.

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