What is a Car Maintenance
Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

This benefit offers affordable car maintenance
for all employees

A quick overview of the benefits of joining scheme:

  • You’ll save up to 12% on car maintenance
  • You can use the scheme for your MOT, service, repairs and tyre replacement
  • This reduced cost will then be spread over 12 months
  • You can take your car to over 300 Halfords Autocentres throughout the UK
  • On top of the scheme you can also take advantage of promotional offers and sales - meaning you will make savings on top of savings!
  • You can also use the scheme for any car in your household

Here's some examples of how you could use the scheme:

  Annabel wants to join the scheme to pay monthly for her MOT and service this year without having to think about it! Annabel entered her car details on www.halfords.com, which told her a Full Service and MOT would cost £234.99.

  Martin knew that he would have to get an oil and filter change within the next year. By entering his car details on www.halfords.com, he saw that it would cost £104.99. Martin decided to apply for £150, knowing he could contribute the balance to any future car costs in the next two years!

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