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The scheme is an employee benefit which offers you the most cost-effective way to pay for your car maintenance. The scheme is run via salary sacrifice meaning you won’t pay national insurance – this saves you up to 12%. This reduced cost is simply deducted out of your payslip over 12 or 18 months, so no need to worry about large garage costs!

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If your annual salary under £50,000, you will save 12% by joining the scheme. If your annual salary is £50,001 or over, you will save 2% by joining the scheme. See the below table for an example of the savings:

£200 £400 £750
Basic rate tax payer (32%) Total to pay £176 £352 £660
Savings made £24 £48 £90
Higher rate tax payer (42%) Total to pay £196 £392 £735
Savings made £4 £8 £15

In this case, you will need to contact the benefit provider. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give you an update on your application or cancel your agreement for you. If you are not sure if your employer uses a benefit provider, or you are not sure who the benefit provider is, please contact your HR Department.

Yes! You can use the scheme to pay for car maintenance on any vehicle that is registered to your home address.


To make an application, all you need is your employer code*. You may have seen this promoted by email or on posters or leaflets around your workplace. Please contact your HR Department if you do not know your employer code.

All you need to do is make an online application where you input your details, how much you’d like to apply for and your employer code. Your application will be sent off to your employer, and once approved, you’ll receive your Letter of Redemption by email.

Every company has a different application window, you may have seen this advertised around your workplace or via email. Please contact your HR Department if you do not know when your scheme opens and closes.

This can be different for every company, you may have seen this advertised around your workplace or via email. Please contact your HR Department if you do not know what your scheme’s maximum limit is.

The average yearly spend on car maintenance is £350, however this can differ from vehicle to vehicle. We recommend entering your registration number on www.halfords.com/motoring and viewing the specific pricing for your vehicle. This will give you the best idea of what work you may need or want on your car over the next 12 months.

You cannot amend your application once you’ve been approved, but if you apply for too little you are able to add your own money when you pay at the till. If you apply for too much, you have 24 months to use your Letter of Redemption.

Technically once you have submitted your application, you are unable to amend it. What you can do in some cases is cancel your application and reapply for your new amount – however this is not always possible, so we advise that you ask your employer for their cancellation terms and conditions!

As long as you don’t exceed the maximum limit you can apply more than once – providing the deductions from your payslip don't take you below the National Minimum/Living Wage. However, depending on your employer it is not always possible to make a second application so you must always check with your HR Department first.

This could happen if your scheme is not yet opened, has already closed, or your employer code is incorrect. Please contact your HR Department who can give you all the information on when and how to apply.

You are able to redeem the following products and services through the scheme:

The following services available at a Halfords Retail Stores:

  • 10-point car check
  • Aircon service & clean
  • Battery fitting
  • Bulb fitting
  • Duxback windscreen treatment
  • Numberplate fitting
  • Oil top up
  • Security window etching
  • Windscreen chip repair
  • Wiper blade fitting

The following products available at a Halfords Retail Stores:

  • Car batteries
  • Battery accessories (chargers, cables, etc.)
  • Breakdown essentials (jump leads, puncture repair kits, hi-vis jackets, etc.)
  • Bulbs
  • Car sercurity (wheel locks, trackers, fuel caps, etc.)
  • Number plates
  • Oils & Fluids
  • Tyre inflators and gauges
  • Wiper blades

You can redeem your LoR at any Halfords Autocentre or Halfords Retail Store which provides your chosen service or product.

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Letters of Redemption (LoRs)

An LoR is exactly what it says - A letter that you use to redeem your chosen services! You will be sent this via email once your application is approved.

You have 24 months from the date of receipt to spend your Letter of Redemption.

No, you can use your Letter of Redemption multiple times over the two year period. This means you can pay in advance for multiple services and products!

If you have lost your Letter of Redemption, please get in touch with the team at employeebenefits@halfords.co.uk and we will reissue your LoR to the same email address.

You can only use your Letter of Redemption physically in a Halfords Store or Autocentre. At this time you cannot use your LoR to pay for services or products online.


A ‘salary sacrifice’ is where an employee agrees to give up, or ‘sacrifice’, an agreed part of their salary before tax. This part of their salary will be exchanged for a benefit from their employer – in this case, for the purposes of car maintenance.

A ‘salary sacrifice agreement’ is agreement you will sign when you apply for a car maintenance salary sacrifice. This just lets your employer know that you have chosen to give up, or ‘sacrifice’ an agreed part of your salary in exchange for car maintenance.

This is how long you will be sacrificing your salary for – in other words, how many months you will be paying out of your pre-tax salary. For example, if your salary sacrifice agreement is for 12 months, you will be paying for your car maintenance in 12 monthly instalments over a 12-month period.

These payments will appear on your payslip just like any other benefit, like a pension. However, please note that it will show the cost to you before you have made your 2% or 12% saving – but don’t worry, you will still be making your saving.

This is very unlikely, however every company and employee is different so please speak to your employer for more advice.

We completely understand that life can be unpredictable. If you were to leave your company or be made redundant in your salary sacrifice period, the remaining balance would simply be deducted from your final net pay.

Yes, you have 14 days to cancel your application from the date that you sign your hire agreement. To do this, please contact employeebenefits@halfords.co.uk with your reasons for cancellations.

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*Please note if your scheme is managed by a third-party benefit provider your application process may be slightly different. If you have any questions, contact your HR Department.

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