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Through the scheme you can save at least 32% on the cost of a new bike.

Employers buy bikes and lease them to employees to cycle to work on. The employer recoups the bike cost though employee salary sacrifice (a monthly deduction from gross salary). Employees make savings on their tax contributions; 32% for standard rate tax payers and 42% for higher rate tax payers, and employers make a 13.8% saving on National Insurance Contributions.

Our Cycle2work colleague Andy explains how the scheme works in this short video

Watch in Welsh

In summary:

  1. Your employer joins Halfords Cycle2work
  2. You apply via the secure Halfords Cycle2work website
  3. Your employer approves your application
  4. You choose a brand new bike and safety accessories from Halfords or one of the 800 independent bike shops we work with
  5. You 'hire' the equipment from your employer via salary sacrifice – and save up to 42%* on the cost of the bike and accessories
  6. At the end of the hire period your employer may choose to let you purchase the equipment

We really offer something for everyone

Choose from the widest range of bikes – get hands-on in Halfords stores, Cycle Republic shops and over 800 independent bike shops, or view our full range online at halfords.com and reserve to collect in store

You could apply and collect your bike the same day

Select and collect your bike as soon as your application is approved – we don’t wait for your employer to pay the bill first

We get you on the road safely and comfortably

Your bike comes fully built by our experts so it’s ready to ride away and we include a free 6 week check, ongoing maintenance support and in-store discounts

It’s that simple, so sign up today!

If your employer doesn’t have a Cycle2work scheme but you’d like them to think about running one, visit our Contact page to provide a few details about your organisation and we’ll get in touch with them directly.

*42% saving can be made when any Letter Of Collection is selected, the employer funds the scheme and an employee hires a bike and safety accessories through the scheme. Assumes 40% Tax Rate and 2% NIC Rate. Subject to circumstances of the employer and employee.

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