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Very simply, by cycling to work you benefit from regular exercise whilst making your commute greener and cheaper.

Cycling to work helps you get healthier and more productive, performing better at work and taking fewer sick days

86% of participants have noticed health benefits since joining the scheme – 89% of those believe it has improved their general fitness and 52% of those believe it has contributed to weight loss

Save time spent waiting for public transport or sat in traffic and reduce the need to spend time and money in the gym

The NHS recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week and cycling 15 minutes each way to work is an easy and efficient way of meeting this target

A bike is a carbon-neutral form of transport

By cycling to work you could save around 600 kg of CO2 over a year – the same as 2 households washing clothes with only cold water


Save money on fuel, car parking and public transport fares

Use pedal power to save on car running costs and beat rising ticket prices


Even better, with Cycle2work you can save at least 32% on the cost of a new bike – find out more or sign up

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