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An update from our CEO

06 Jan 2021

As England enters a new national lockdown I wanted to write to you to explain how we will be keeping our customers and colleagues safe during the coming months as we continue to support those people making essential journeys.


Already own a bike? Find out how to make the most out of your Cycle2Work scheme!

21 May 2019


VOLT electric bikes now available on Cycle2Work!

26 Mar 2019


NEW! Activate your 8 Weeks FREE Insurance with Cycleplan!

01 Mar 2019

Here at Cycle2Work we don’t want anything to stop you cycling, this is why we have partnered with Cycleplan to offer you 8 Weeks FREE Insurance when you sign up to the Cycle2Work scheme!


Choosing the perfect bike type

20 Feb 2019

We've broken down the different types of bikes so that you can be certain you are getting the best bike for you!


Bike Construction 101

19 Feb 2019

A bike is made up of lots of different components, which can be confusing! We understand that not everybody is a bicycle expert – so we’ve written a full run down of every bike part and what they do.


Get the most out of winter training

19 Feb 2019

So, the weather at this time of year may not inspire you to rush out and start clocking up some miles on your bike, but trust us - you’ll be glad you made the effort!


How to clean your bike

19 Feb 2019

Cleaning your bike will do more than give it back its gleam! Frequent cleaning will: Save you money, provide a better ride and get you to work on time.


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